spontaneous decisions: Copenhagen

Written by Aiste ꕤ

Throughout my life I have met quite a few people who loved to do spontaneous stuff. Who hated plans, hours, being late or being early, having their same morning and night time routines or have planned vacations. For the most of the time I thought – wow, how do they do that? And for the rest of the time I found myself cheering up for them and secretly thinking about how great it actually is. To just go. Explore. Do. Love. Whoever. Whatever. Wherever. Just Live. I’m not saying that living a planned lifestyle, having your own routine is not living, because it’s a personal thing that works differently for everyone. That’s just how I understood it. Thus, before going for some trip with my friends and not my dad who always knew everything you asked for, I googled everything. Searched. Examined. Thought about all of the different situations that could happen.

However, I started noticing this weird shift that started about 2 years ago, when I first left to the UK. Before being quite a strict person, I then started seeing myself doing things I had no idea about. I sometimes think it was just the way for me to convince myself that not knowing your plan is actually a part of the plan when things got a bit messy. Thus, I kind of followed this mindset every time I was lost or didn’t know what to do. I just listened to the first idea that appeared in my head. Or maybe I just realised how many responsibilities we actually have, in what crazy fact-paced environment we’re living right now, and simply got scared of just disappearing. Between others. Their opinions. Their ways to do things. Their ways to think. In this way – their ways to travel. To explore. I talked about that in my post about Rome (link here) – about it being my first trip of just wandering and not having any check-list, any necessary destination. This spontaneous trip to Copenhagen was very similar, but in a way a one very different experience. We went to 0 museums and didn’t follow any tourist attractions, but we didn’t do it intentionally. Fun, you’d say? Let’s see!

Unplanned weekend getaways like this are so good to refresh your mind and prepare yourself for upcoming challenges. We’ve been talking about going somewhere with my friends since January, however, you probably know how hard it is to plan your time nowadays when we are all living this crazy lifestyle with every person having their own goals, jobs and personal problems. So, after almost loosing our hope to go for some short trip this summer, we accidentally found cheap flights to Copenhagen. Most of us haven’t been there, so it was a new and exciting destination to go. We bought tickets in June and after two months we were already sitting in the plane looking forward to some new adventures. I personally had 0 idea of what to expect, I had no idea where we’re going to live, go or eat, as the whole trip was planned by my friends (which I kind of felt bad about), but it was also a fun experience to go wherever they take you.

We arrived early on Thursday morning, so we had almost three full days until our flight back home on Sunday. Most of us were super tired on our first day because of an early flight, so after leaving all of our stuff in the apartment, having breakfast and exploring a bit of the city center, we came back home to have some sleep before what then we had no idea will become to be one of the best experiences in our lives.

Pub Crawl Copenhagen

All I knew before getting involved into this, was that one of my friends went for the same thing in Berlin and she loved it so very much. Hence, we decided to buy our tickets costing 20€ each. For those who don’t know what it’s all about – it’s basically a guided pub tour with a group of people. The whole idea is to meet people from all around the world, share your experiences together and simply have fun. Thus, we came to the meeting place where we met up with a Spanish girl who became to be our guide. Not long after that, two Danish girls came. We waited a bit longer until four Americans who were way older than us, showed up. While our guide was waiting for others to appear, she suggested us to go to the first pub. All of us went there. It was a bit awkward at first, we just chilled with our friends, talked about random stuff and waited for what this evening will bring. More and more people started showing up and that was when we met people from the USA, Germany, Italy and Sweden – with whom we later spent the rest of the night with. 

The second pub we headed to was an extremely interesting experience as it was the Ice Bar and I’ve never been to anything similar like that. It was -9 degrees in there and everyone got special coats to put on. Crazy right? Even though others joked that it will be warm for us, Lithuanians, it was so cold we couldn’t stay there any longer. After the Ice Bar we had 3 more pubs that were included into our ticket. By the time we got to know people, all of the fun started. We talked, danced and got to know each other. We got to talk with so many different people, from young travellers to 70 year old couples, everyone having their own stories and worldviews. It’s so crazy how such spontaneous things often happen to be one of the most memorable experiences in life. When our tour ended, we were free to do whatever we want, some people didn’t even last the whole tour and left earlier, others went home, but we and people we met decided to have more fun. We headed to what was supposted to be one of the best pubs in Europe. We danced and laughed way more and made so many jokes and cool memories we will never forget. Maybe we won’t be best friends and maybe we will never even meet again, but at that time, people we met only 2 hours ago made our whole trip so much better. So thank you if you’re reading this!

P.C. Ice Bar, Copenhagen

If this sounds like something that would interest you, I highly recommend our guide Judy. Contacts here.


This is a different world. When you enter the gates of it, it’s like everything has changed. Wherever you look, every person is doing their own stuff. I’d lie if I say that it was just what I expected, because it was a bit of a shock at first. In a good way. Everyone was so free. Free from everything. From the world that surrounds us. The rules that we ‘have’ to follow. The negativity and tension that often sucks us in and doesn’t let us go so easily. It’s just so amazing how people can live like that in the very centre of the capital city – home for more than 1, 320 000 citizens.

Let’s go to Sweden!

One of my friends suggested to dedicate our last day to go to Sweden, Malmö, as it was only a 30 minute train ride from Copenhagen. The timing was perfect, as there was a huge music festival happening as well as some cute town markets. As my dream to go to Tivoli theme park in Copenhagen didn’t come true because of the prices (we were kind of broke students at that point of our trip), I was super excited to see roller coasters there in Malmö. There was no decision of whether we should go there or not – that made our trip even more diverse and exciting. All I can say about Malmö is that it’s a very cosy and pretty city. A very clean city. A city full of very nice people. Great atmosphere. Many recycle bins. Small cafes. Medieval houses. We spent our whole day wandering around it, going to some random narrow streets, restaurants and shops. A full day there was more than enough to just explore and feel the magnificent vibe of the place!

Why did we skip the Little Mermaid, Kronborg Castle, The National Museum?

I don’t really have the answer, because there is no valid reason for that. To be fair, we were actually thinking about going to see the Little Mermaid one evening. Some people said ‘what, have you really been to Copenhagen if you didn’t see the Little Mermaid?” After deciding to just go somewhere else for a walk, I realised that this is exactly why we saw Copenhagen. Saw it the way it is. Without some weird expectations, suggestions, ratings. We saw it from the perspective where you do not expect anything. You just go and you just see. And it left us an amazing impression. It’s a very clean place. A place with very helpful and nice people. A place with amazingly developed infrastructure, rich history and colourful houses. There is no doubt that it would be nice to come there once again someday and go to places that didn’t happen to appear on our route. It’s so interesting to delve into this whole Danish history and culture, to hear more about Renaissance castles, stories of Vikings or Hans Christian Andersen who was an important part of my childhood. I guess what I’m saying is that trips can be very different, but every single journey is equally valuable because of the places you saw and the memories you made. The world is wide, but no journey to the same destination is ever the same.

What else such unexpected experiences bring?

You get to know your friends. Honestly. I’ve known them for 6 years now, but I saw them from a completely different perspective. They say, you have to travel with people you trust. But really, you have to deal with so many unexpected challenges and encounters that you would not normally face. One girl has always made me smile with her jokes, but apparently she’s so much funnier than I could ever thought. Another one has always been the ‘boss’ to our group, but in a good way. When you travel together, you notice she always takes time to see if everyone’s doing okay or if they have everything they need. Another person has always been one of the most serious out of us all, but you have no idea how reckless and funny such people become in unexpected situations! What you really understand while travelling with a group of friends – strengths and weaknesses you all have. You try to adapt and complement each other unintentionally in order to form this strong bond that will hold you in any situation.

For those who expect to gain some new information or tips besides my thoughts while reading this type of blog post:

  • One lunch place that we loved in Malmö – Hawaii Poké. It’s a good choice if you want something green, healthy and delicious after all of these amazing danish pastries.
P.C. Hawaii Poké
  • The Bridge Street Kitchen – a street food place with cosy atmosphere, great music and many fairy lights. It was very hard to leave this place after accidentally discovering it.
  • If you’re looking for a nice and affordable place to stay – don’t hesitate to book apartments a bit far away from the city centre or even in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Infrastructure is very good there, hence, there is no problem to commute. Here you can find the amazing place we stayed in.
  • Buying a metro ticket for 72 hours was one of the best decisions we made – you can choose to travel either by bus or by metro, and it’s so much easier to get everywhere, especially if you’re not staying in the very center of the city.
  • Try to have cash with you. We discovered a lot of many cosy local shops and cafés that didn’t accept cards, especially in Christiania.

However, my biggest suggestion would be – get spontaneous every once in a while. If you have even the slightest opportunity, go! Go and meet new people, go to different places every time or go to the same place everyday and see it from a completely different perspective. There are so many factors in play while we discover things. Have you eaten that day? Has someone smiled at you? Maybe you’ve been shouted at or maybe you’ve just bought a piece of clothing you’ve been dreaming about for weeks? Any smallest, slightest change in your life will make you see things differently, which will later form the whole picture of your day, month, year or no matter what period of time. That’s why I think it’s sometimes so refreshing to have no expectations and just let life decide where you’ll end up next. It makes you feel free. Independent. It makes you know your companions. People who are in this journey with you. That’s what this short trip to Denmark was all about.

See you soon!

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