trip to Spain: Málaga

Written by Agne ☽

Hey there!

Now that the summer is over and the weather where I am now is bringing some blues, I am going down the memory lane and remembering all the great things that have happened in the past half a year or so. The end of the summer has these weird happy-sad vibes and I kind of enjoy it – I had an opportunity to spend some quality time with my family and friends and have fun in my home country – I am very happy about that. However, with all the work that I did during this summer break, I missed many opportunities to travel outside Lithuania. Sometimes I regret not taking some time off and having some adventures abroad, but most of the days I realise how important the experience I received during this internship is. Anyway, I’ve decided to tell you about the last trip I had to Málaga, Spain.

I went there some time ago, at the end of April, after an intense month of ‘spring break’ which was filled with part-time working and university assignments. Instead of flying back home for a holiday, I’ve decided to stay and start with uni work and treat myself with a nice 3-day trip at the end of the month. All in all, I loved it – this little getaway helped to clear my mind before the exam season.

To start with the price range, flights to Spain are pretty student friendly, I paid under 70 pounds overall to get there and back. I flew from Newcastle to Málaga, and for my way back I chose Glasgow, as I wanted to pay a visit. Obviously, price depends largely on the timing, and this timing was perfect for me – the city was busy but not completely packed with tourists, the weather was amazing (compared to Newcastle, +20 can seem like a sauna) – it was warm but not too hot to walk around and see places.

After landing in Málaga airport, the metro took me directly to the city centre, which was very handy. I took an Airbnb – again, an amazing way to save money and immerse yourself in the local culture at least to some extent. The rooftop view was magnificent and they even had a dog! The location was pretty good – it was a 20-minute walk to the centre and a 30-minute walk to the beach. Later on, I found electronic scooters which were so much fun and an amazing way to commute almost anywhere.

Talking about places to visit, I chose classic touristy experience for this trip, simply because I had very little time – exploring with no plan in mind would have taken all of it. Nonetheless, next time I would step outside of the ’10 things to see in Málaga’ box, as it definitely had potential for hidden treasures. See Aiste’s post about spontaneity when traveling.

The things I saw and loved:
1) An amazing coastline view – Puerto de Málaga. It’s a shame that the wheel wasn’t operating at that time.

2) Absolutely beautiful cathedral – Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga. I couldn’t manage to get inside though, not sure if it was me or the place is not open for tourists.

3) Roman theatre – part of the Alcazaba. Cool historical place. Had a coffee in a beautiful café nearby called El Pimpi.

4) Parque de Málaga – it felt like a jungle! A huge, green, alive park in the middle of the city with fountains, birds, cats, you name it.

5) Playa de La Malagueta – a beautiful beach, not too busy – do not forget your sunscreen though, +20 in Spain and few hours in the sun and I got an ugly sunburn.

6) Climbed up hilltop inland of the Alcazaba (Castillo Gibralfaro) – the bird-eye view of the city was stunning, it was absolutely worth the hike. Again, not too packed with people, the place was amazing.

7) Indoors market – Mercado Central de Atarazanas. Anything you want to eat is in there – a great experience of local culture.

8) Such a beautiful view! Could not fault the Airbnb visit, had breakfasts and late-night chats on the rooftop…

Foodwise, I had breakfasts at our accommodation and skipped lunch a few times only because I wanted to walk around as much as possible. The choice for places to eat was out of this world, I tried traditional cuisine and more like me type of food such as pizzas and burgers, of course. 🙂 Couldn’t tell you the names of the restaurants, but none of the places disappointed, so I rate food in Málaga 5/5 (I’m not fussy at all so don’t take it too seriously). I really need to get used to taking pictures of my food and surroundings somehow and step up my picture game! Sangria of course was my top drink, found this little bar called El Muro with super friendly staff, so I had to visit again on the last evening. Highly recommend!

I am super excited for the upcoming year and planning some getaways like this one. They are so so good for your mind. Take every chance to travel.

Talk to you soon,

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