learning to fail

Written by Agne ☽ Hello. Let's talk about failing. I know I might sound arrogant, but I have always been lucky to find things pretty easy, even though I wasn’t working that hard as other people might have worked in some situations. I’ve graduated school, I got in a good university, it wasn’t hard for… Continue reading learning to fail


spontaneous decisions: Copenhagen

Written by Aiste ꕤ Throughout my life I have met quite a few people who loved to do spontaneous stuff. Who hated plans, hours, being late or being early, having their same morning and night time routines or have planned vacations. For the most of the time I thought - wow, how do they do… Continue reading spontaneous decisions: Copenhagen


insomnia (hello darkness my old friend)

Written by Agne ☽ Hello, I’ve decided to write on one of the most annoying and frustrating things that I tend to experience in my life. If you have read my previous post, you might remember that I mentioned my on-going trouble sleeping in unfamiliar places. It’s not only that though– for the last 5-6… Continue reading insomnia (hello darkness my old friend)