what about love? pt. 2

Written by Aiste ꕤ Hello 2020, My first post about love was all about different ways each of us interpret it and different ways each of us feel it. As I mentioned, I love thinking about it and I feel like understanding your feelings can deeply affect your relationships with people. Last time I more… Continue reading what about love? pt. 2

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mid-term vibes

Written by Agne ☽ I will try very hard not to make this post into something I would put in a diary. The thing is, this is a difficult time period for every student, so rather than annoying my friends who are in the same boat (which I often do, and I am so sorry),… Continue reading mid-term vibes


what about love?

Written by Aiste ꕤ I love to think about love. I like imagining different scenarios in my head that will never probably come true. Not that I even wanted to. I think for me it‘s just an emotional value such thoughts give. And the reason for that is not because I‘m unhappy with my real… Continue reading what about love?